On Sunday March 17th, 2019

Concert & cocktail dinatoire

Quartor de Beethoven at the Hôtel de Paris & Cocktail dinatoire in Monaco

This year we have the great chance that I can take you for the fourth year into the world of the musique Festival du Printemps des Arts à Monte-Carlo.
Thus I am proposing another very outstanding location, la Salle Empire at the Hôtel de Paris with the Parker Quartet followed by an exclusive cocktail dinatoire at the Hotel Metropole in Monaco. Of course you can come accompanied, bring your partner, a friend or your family.

The Parker Quartet is the current cream of the young crop of string quartets in the US. Their career got off to a flying start: once they’d won all the major competitions, they launched onto the international scene with staggering maturity. Beethoven is part of their signature repertoire: they know how to bring out the depth and modern style with no useless effects but instead a staggering surge of sound.


18h00 – Quartors de Beethoven (1)
Hotel de Paris – Salle Empire
Place du Casino
MC 98007 Monaco

20h30 – cocktail dinatoire at the
Hotel Metropole – salon des portraits
4, avenue de la Madone
MC 98007 Monaco

Reservation & information

As we have only limited number of tickets, thank you for confirming us as soon as possible per email at cotedazur@la-visite.eu