On July 21st, 2020

Private visit of the artist’s studio of Stefan Szczesny & artist’s lunch in Saint Tropez


Internationally renowned artist Stefan Szczesny has lived and worked all over the world, from New York and Tel Aviv to Berlin and Rome. But it is in Saint-Tropez that the Munich native has decided to lay his hat (and paintbrushes)… The peninsula drives the opulent, sensual style he uses to breathe new life into the traditional subjects of figurative art. And it is precisely this art and unique signature that have won over so many international collectors. Established in La Moutte, his vast studio and home are directly linked to his gallery in the Espace des Lices where he exhibits his work. His space offers a stark reminder of how much nature and the sea inspire his multi-faceted work. It’s not for nothing that the artist – one of the leaders of the Neue Wilde movement – attracted a vast following as far back as the early 1980s. Szczesny has an exceptional reputation that is only set to keep growing. The last few years have been punctuated by madcap projects such as a painting on a zeppelin and major exhibitions all over Europe. Just a few notable examples include shows at the Palais des Papes in Avignon, Art Basel Miami, and of course the famous retrospective 2005-2017 which saw the artist move monumental sculptures into the Saint-Tropez citadel last summer with the help of a helicopter. Stefan Szczesny and New York-based director Curt Faudon are currently filming a documentary about the artist’s astonishing journey. The film is set to be released soon and will also feature Szczesny painting with actor and friend Pierce Brosnan, who also has an artistic streak…

Saint-Tropez has been Stefan Szczesny’s permanent home since 2001. It represents, for Szczesny, the sum total, and apogee, of the various places he had lived in before. It has the buzz and the international character of cities such as New York and London: it is in a sense a distilled reflection of these cities. But it also has an extraordinary spirit of its own, bringing together various different elements of Mediterranean culture. Not least importantly for the artist, it is blessed with the extraordinary light of the Côte d’Azur, which has attracted many an artist in the past, as well as a particularly intense character of the surrounding nature, which has been preserved thanks to the many conservation areas on the Peninsula of Saint-Tropez.

For Stefan Szczesny, finally, Saint-Tropez is an extraordinary place to meet people: friends and collectors, journalists and museum directors as well as many others come to the famous village on the Côte d’Azur regularly and all year round.

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