On September 26th, 2019

Private visit of the 25th International Biennale of Ceramics in Vallauris

Discover the most extraordinary contemporary art creations in ceramics and porcelain during a private visit by the curator or the biennale herself.

25 years that the International Biennale of ceramics of Vallauris is reinvented permanently. Today the Biennial becomes a new platform where ceramicists, designers, plastic artists, in a spirit of innovation will be able to present their works. Ceramics in the heart and the passion to work with it.


For this 2019 edition, the Jury has selected works of exceptional artistic quality, noted for their poetry and creativity. Forms and sculptural elements, particular artistic choices and personal involvement of the creators were valued. The selection gives a clear and relevant vision of artistic research in the field of contemporary ceramics.

« We wanted a representative selection of the diversity of current ceramic expressions from different countries and cultures. Above all, the quality of the artistic and conceptual expression that motivated our choice. We wanted to present works for which ceramics is the fundamental value of artistic quality. Whether conceptual or formal, the artist’s understanding of the material has been our guiding thread. The final choice rested on both the technical mastery but obviously also on the originality of the creation. « 

Kristin McKirdy, Ceramist, member of the jury

Reservation & information

Price and detailed program on request. As we have only limited number of places, thank you for contacting us as per email at cotedazur@la-visite.eu